Comedy Writing (Sample)

A little ditty I wrote for my internet company…


This story started beautifully,

Love was quick and sweet.

I saw the price, I locked it down,

My heart skipped a little beat.


We went fine for some time,

After I provided my own modem.

But moving house saw made up fees,

Then it was like playing Texas Hold’em.


My move fell on a Wednesday,

“Middle of the month” you see…

So they charged me double for July,

Just to mess with me.


Plus one hundred for the move,

Um, where’s that in your papers?

“It’s not, we know, but we’ll charge you still,

because stealing pays our wages”.


“And the price increase we made that time,

We admit that’s our mistake.

But you’ll never see your money back,

Because all we do is take.”


The hatred in my belly grew,

I got ready for the kill…

But dammit I still need you Bae

…I’ve gotta Netflix n’ Chill.

Hire me!