Website Copy Writing Samples

“It is easy to take our membership of groups for granted and to overlook the significance of group life. There are also times in our lives when it is hard to do what we need to do to keep socially connected. This is where Groups 4 Health comes in.”

“Brisbane is Australia’s new world city. Set over several bends of the Brisbane River, it plays host to a bustling business district, world class educational precincts, a thriving cultural scene, and incredible nightlife. With the major tourist hubs of The Sunshine Coast and The Gold Coast just 1-2 hours north and south respectively, it is the ideal base to experience everything The Sunshine State of Queensland has to offer. Come along and explore Brisbane with us during ICSIH-3!”

“The Social Identity and Groups Network (SIGN) brings together leading researchers from around the world to collaborate in the study of social identity and group processes. Members of the network conduct cutting-edge research that explores the importance of social identity for a range of socialclinicalorganisational and political topics. This work has broad theoretical and applied relevance. Core members of SIGN are based in the School of Psychology at The University of Queensland, but the Social Identity and Groups Network has a strong international focus, with collaborators spread throughout Europe, North America, and Asia.”

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